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17 Playful Doodles that Incorporate Everyday Objects


Javier Pérez aka cintascotch, is an artist and illustrator from Guayaquil, Ecuador. A few times a week, Pérez shares a new doodle with his 20,000 Instagram followers. Each doodle incorporates everyday objects like paper clips, coins and scissors. The doodles transform the objects into something completely new and different.

It’s a fun and creative way to look at an object, even seemingly mundane ones, and reimagine them as something else. To see more playful diversions, be sure to check out Javier’s work at the links below.

Javier Pérez (cintascotch)
Website | Facebook | Behance | Twitter | Instagram


doodles with everyday objects javier perez (10)

Artwork by Javier Pérez (cintascotch)
Website | Facebook | Behance | Twitter | Instagram


doodles with everyday objects javier perez (3)

Artwork by Javier Pérez (cintascotch)
Website | Facebook | Behance | Twitter | Instagram


doodles with everyday objects javier perez (7)

Artwork by Javier Pérez (cintascotch)
Website | Facebook | Behance | Twitter | Instagram


doodles with everyday objects javier perez (6)

Artwork by Javier Pérez (cintascotch)

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20 Highlights from the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards


The shortlist for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards was recently announced by the World Photography Organisation. Photographers from 166 countries submitted nearly 140,000 images (69,114 Professional entries; 65,512 Open entries and 4,928 Youth entries images), the highest number of entries in the awards’ seven year history. From the submissions the judges have selected an eclectic shortlist representing the very finest in international contemporary photography from the past 12 months.

All the shortlisted images will go on show at Somerset House, London, from 1-18 May as part of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition. The winners of the Open and Youth categories will be announced on 18 March. Professional category winners and the coveted L’Iris D’Or/ Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year title will be announced at a gala ceremony in London on 30 April. The L’Iris D’Or winner will receive $25,000 (USD) and the…

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An ode to greatness, Nelson Mandela

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.Live your life so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice” 


Last year the British Museum held an exhibition  titled “Shakespeare : staging the world” which sought to depict present day London through Shakespeare’s plays. At the end of the exhibition was a solitary case containing the only item from the 20th century.  It is a book of the complete works of Shakespeare that was one of the few volumes available to the inmates of Robben Island. the book was passed around by inmates and each would initial their favourite passages. The book is open to the scene were Caesar declaims that :

” Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that i yet have heard, it seems to me most strange men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it comes. ”  

The passage is dated Dec.16, 1977 and the signature beside it reads Nelson Mandela


To a life well lived and a purpose well fulfilled,

Much can be said about the actions of a great man,

And much more can be remembered through his deeds,


References (Newsweek article :Daisy Goodwin August 13,2012)

Picture of the Day: Prisoners of Technology





prisoners of technology felipe luchi (1)

Artwork by Felipe Luchi



prisoners of technology felipe luchi (2)

Artwork by Felipe Luchi


In this artwork by Felipe Luchi, we see famous symbols of technology, the mouse and iPhone, imagined as prisons and jailhouses.

The artwork was done as a print campaign for Outside’s Go Magazine. It’s an interesting thought about technology as we usually associate these devices with liberation and freedom. Whether you agree or disagree the artwork is certainly provocative.





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My da Vinci Secret


“If shit happens,I deserve it”


“Shit wont happen if I work harder”


“Why does this shit always happen to me”


“When shit happens,is it really shit”


“When shit happens blame the infidels”


“This shit happens before”


“Shit happens,Rama Lama Ding Dong!”


“Lets smoke this shit” 🙂

Song :James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat

“If this is redemption, why do I bother at all
There’s nothing to mention, and nothing has changed
Still I’d rather be working at something, than praying for the rain
So I wander on, till someone else is saved”

So its starting to feel like im always on the longest yard for one reason or the other. Funny enough at the end of the day it feels like I’m sitting down to watch someone else’s life story. My shit indeed….I know…but they say “thee” blessings in disguise are right in front of you so I’ve found repose in past events, safe to say these days all things inside my head might be seemingly bright and beautiful having ironically been built on a foundation darker than night.

I’m going to share “my da Vinci” secret not so much to do with the holy grail and e.t.c but to do with joy in pain,that even in your worst  your best can never be suppressed..that is all.

         The Last years of da Vinci were passed in ease near Amboise in central France where he had gone to live at the invitaion of the king.His visitors avoided seeing his paralysed hands.Never had his talk been more versatile,never his presence more courtly,nor his smile more understanding .Perharps Death herself wore that smile that light on the lips of mystery and wisdom which da Vinci alone ever captured when she came for Leonardo on May 2,1519.-Donals Culross 

Me I was holding, all of my secrets soft and hid
Pages were folded, then there was nothing at all
So if in the future I might need myself a savior
I’ll remember what was written on that wall

So you savour the moment whatever kind it is and you move on and save as much hope and faith  as you for now code goes on…ciao.


Finding Beauty in Negative spaces

“..I’ll never be laid back as this beat was
I never could see why people’ll reach a
Fake-ass facade they couldn’t keep up ..”

“…Now everything I’m not, made me everything I am…”
Kanye West – everything i am

She wants to believe that we are masters of our own fate,the lead magicians in our own shows,the main authors of our own books.Books that let us tell our stories ,stories that in a paradoxical way seem to have been written before hand,yet stories that bring us together come rain or come sun.

And this future, this future that she looks forward to ,this damned future that has brung  her to her knees,this future that she is thankful for nonetheless.For however it may turn out,for better or for worse will be a culmination of her decisions.Decisions that will both seem inevitable or in the least elusive.

“..If my life is for rent and I don’t learn to buy
Well I deserve nothing more than I get
’cause nothing I have is truly mine..”

Dido – Life for rent

Moral Decadence or Moral Opulence????

The court awaited as the foreman got the verdict from the bailiff
Emotional outbursts tears and smeared makeup
He stated, he was guilty on all charges
She’s shaking like she took it the hardest
A spin artist, she brought her face up laughing
That’s when the prosecutor realized what happened
All that speaking her mind testifying and crying
When this b**ch did the crime…

Common -Testify


  • Common -testify
  • Panic at the disco -New Perspective

So I’m sitting in my room busy working on my computer when someone(a friend) invites me to go for a prayer meeting and I say “no ummmmm not today”.The reaction to my statement is clearly taken in shock and I could tell  my newly found friend has clearly been caught off guard by my response.and the conversation ensues….

why aren’t you coming” ,

“Im a bit busy”,

“You do know your laptop will always be there lets just go???” 

((  and at once I’m put in an awkward position so I say))

“ummm no lemme just finish my work see you later “

((  #End of conversation))

By virtue of being born into a society where morals have been predefined I’m forced to know what’s right and what’s wrong depending on the standards that the people before me  have set. Hence it automatically follows that my fellow human beings have been vested with the power to punish me or award me depending on my actions, assuming that I am well aware of the existing moral code.

My self-proclaimed “genius” philosophy  recently drove me to the conclusion that the problems we face today are largely brought about by two reasons either there is a lack of morals or an over abundance of the same.However at this point Im just not sure which is which as both evidently seem to be sufficient enough.

Is a law that contradicts religion right? or is a religion that contradicts the law permissible?Is freedom truly freedom when what you say and what you do is determined by superior authorities?,Is it not ironic for a human to pass judgement on another yet human is to err?

Quis custodes ipsos custodes(Who will guard the guards??),Who will judge the judge?,Who will lead the leader?,Who will right the wrong?,and Who will right the “self proclaimed right”?

Moral much???

I do not dispute the role played by morality in the society  today .It is by far more pivotal and vital than we can ever imagine but in a case where it is at both or either extremes it does not serve its purpose.You can either have a people who are too quick to judge or too ignorant to care.

  “If Jews are weak and morality a fantasy they invented to survive ,there’s no reason NOT to exterminate them”.Friedrich Nietzsche

In whatever context Nietzsche quoted this he definitely viewed morality in a way that differed from what most people perceive morality to be.Whether his view is worth supporting or not, having an opened mind wouldn’t be such a bad idea at the end of the day.

Taking everything for granted but we still respect the time
We move along with some new passion knowing everything is fine
And I would wait and watch the hours fall in a hundred separate lines
But I regain repose and wonder how I ended up inside

Stop there and let me correct it
I wanna live a life from a new perspective
You come along because I love your face
And I’ll admire your expensive taste
And who cares divine intervention
I wanna be praised from a new perspective

Panic at the disco -New perspective

The good,the ugly and the bad 🙂


I WENT TO CHURCH!!!!!..soo?????

Lyrics from:

  • The fray –you found me
  • Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah
  • Jamiroquai-virtual insanity
  • Kanye west –when it all falls down

I WENT TO CHURCH ‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼ (NB:saying that at the top of my voice screaming at the top of my lungs actually)..Now I’m sure you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. What’s so new about going to church but trust me everything is new EVERYTHING.

I have never been one to talk openly about my religious views because I know that such is a very contentious issue. By writing this post, I do not wish to offend but merely to express my opinion

I went to church the other day or to be less ambiguous Sunday (19th-06-2011) and here’s the thing I can’t remember the last time I did that honestly speaking I simply can’t. ..Wait a minute…. I have my reasons, which I shall share in a bit. I must say the whole experience was…ummmmm…….new i think for lack of a better word.

Don’t get me wrong though I am a strong believer in religion and the role it plays in keeping our society intact, I  once read that;Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, the soul of a soulless condition   (no more no less)

After many years I finally mastered the confidence to go to church and I mean confidence on a very personal basis’ I have always been one to question and at times one to doubt I would not exactly call  it a strength as much as it is  a weakness.

The people highest up have the lowest self-esteem and The prettiest people do the ugliest things..the things we buy to cover up what’s inside cause they made us hate ourselves and love they wealth (Kanye-When it all goes down).

(On that note) I think that hypocrisy is all around us within and without us. That is in all honesty my reason for fearing or should I say refraining from the ‘religious center’. I have always been repulsed by people who take advantage of those who are ‘lower’ than they are. My question to you being” why is it that in the poorest places you have the most number of churches????”

It hurts to see all those people struggle to put  food on the table, take everything they have to their ‘religious centers’ just for someone to take advantage of them EAT up their money and tell them that blessings are on the way????????????

I think that religion has been turned into a full scale commercial business I do not mind extortion of the ’rich’ and by ‘rich’ I mean all those who have obtained their money by all unnecessary means.(In fact I’m 100% behind robin hood ROB THE RICHANDGIVE TO THE POOR kind of thing)Stealing in itself is wrong but stealing from the poor is just unacceptable and  unfair. The worst thing you can ever give someone is false hope which id say is equivalent to poison. You cannot stand up and teach someone something yet you do the exact opposite.

Personally I’ve always preferred to worship at my own time and in my own privacy not that I have some personal vendetta against anyone or any institution in particular not at all. It has a lot to do with what I have seen. I   think we are living in a society where we are so okay with the lies and the deceit that the truth has become our greatest enemy

Religion is a sweet escape a place where we can all hide and take comfort from all our day-to-day headaches not a place where we can be robbed and lied to .I have always held such an opinion on our ‘religious center’s’ and I guess it’s wrong for me to hold all of them in that esteem because if I was on the right side doing the right thing I would not have liked someone to judge me in such a manner.

So I’m giving all my love to this world only to be told that nothings gonna change the way we live cause we can always think but never give(Jamiroquai-Virtual Insanity)

In whatever light you choose to see this.  I’ve stated my point in the most honest way I know how .I am learning to embrace the concept of going to church (and yes I am not ashamed to say that I sound like a baby whose done with the crawling and is up for the walking) .I shall begin doing it more often though and that’s a promise to me.I had a wonderful time when I recently went (thanks Janet)

So Maybe there’s a God above but all I’ve ever learned from love is how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya. It’s not a cry that you hear at night it’s not somebody who’s seen the light it’s a cold and it’s a very broken HALLELUJAH‼