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She says she loves me

“She says she loves me” is a poem by Lamont Carey, American Spokenword artist . I first heard it on Kendrick Lamar’s track Opposites Attract  off his 2010 mix tape  Overly Dedicated.

It’s a beautiful work of art, depicting the true meaning of love and the sheer irony of it. Enjoy ! 🙂

“She says she loves me, she says she loves me.
So, she clings to me even when I want to be left alone.
But she’s beautiful.
Like, sometimes when I have things on my mind, she’s the perfect person to listen.
And she only gives advice, she says when I give her a cue.
She says she loves me.
Like, when I wake up in the morning
she’s sitting on the edge of the bed with a plate of food, wanting to feed me.
She says she needs me, she says she loves me.
Or like when I’m stepping out of the shower she’s standing there with the towel, wanting to, wanting to dry me off.
She says, she says she loves me.
So, instead of admitting that she has made another mistake.
She says, she says she loves me
And I don’t know about love.”

Lamont Carey 

All about perspective

Sometimes it’s all about perspective,

Looking in the opposite direction,

Try to make sense of all this confusion,

It’s like finding desert in the rain,

Or finding pleasure in the pain.

I guess, at the end of the day,

It all comes down to what you gain.

Whether you’re eating a bit too much and gaining weight,

Or your patience is running dry,

And you need to gain “wait”.

Life has a funny way of making us all experience the same things.

From the highest echelons to the lowest pariah,

From the core foundations of hate and love,

To the very concept of desire.

We’re all programmed to react in the same way,

To cry when we’re sad,

To do this and that when we’re mad.

To harbor contempt and greed

To thirst for wants and constantly have needs.


But in as much as we are alike,

We are different in our own respects,

And that’s something that deserves tonnes of respect.

My opinions are mine.

And that each mind is a mine,

Filled with its own  assortment of jewels

Not a man on this earth thinks exactly like another,

But we beat each other down on the basis of opinions and beliefs,

The same same mind can be soo cruel.


It’s  all about perspective,

How you see things, is a decision not a directive.

To every man,

Was given a steady heart, an indecisive mind and a promising soul.

That he may make decisions and absorb emotions,

Like a pot of food to hot coal.

Even as he grows old,

With every last breathe in him,

And the humming of every dying hymn,

His truth he may always hold.


So maybe this whole time I’ve been looking at it wrong

Maybe, just maybe…

There’s a rainbow at the end of every pot of gold,

There’s a cloud in every silver lining,

There’s always a tunnel at the end of the light,

There’s a ray of light for every dark of night,

There’s a star behind every twinkle.

…Once again

It’s all about perspective

Making memories that last is actually very simple.

Eye of the drain , -Liamm on Reddit
Eye of the drain , -Liamm on Reddit

The fault not in our stars

I have a problem,

I think I stare a lot,

Like Big pun saying “I’m not a player I just crush a lot”

Well…As for me “I’m not a psycho I just care a lot”


See I like to think that people are who they really are, when they know no one is watching,

And the human mind is amazing,

Like a lost child, it never stops wandering.

So you really can’t blame me, for wanting to observe…

It’s like curiosity mixed with a tinge of ceaseless verbosity,

Social atrocities, obscene mentalities, perceived prosperity,

I’m basically writing down what I see; this is everything I know they feel,

Welcome to my covert knowledge reserve,

Believe me; unlike modern day democracy this is real.


Speaking of real, I bet you nothing is,

The pressure is too much,

It’s a wonder we can even sleep with ease.

The pressure to conform is crazy,

It’s everywhere…

In church, in the bar, in school, even on the streets,

It’s the beautiful teenage girl doing everything to please.

Or the young boy who’s just out to tease.

They’re both just trying to fit in,

But it’s a desperately shallow world they live in,

Rolling in the deep, they’ve barley got their feet in.


I’m making sense…no??

Just follow the Paper trail,

We’re making cents now, that’s all we know,

The system is a jail.

Look at the CEO in his Italian suit,

His life is all about financial pursuit, dinners in expensive suites,

Not to mention the occasional secretaries and the damning lawsuits.

All that money, the money is the motive,

Living life in one dimension,

Ask Picasso to draw it,

There’s no substance there,

He couldn’t even come up with a decent motif.


Its official we can’t help it, we’re superficial,

“I’m only with him for the money” I had her say,

Damn girl! Talk about being super fiscal,

“..But dude she’s fine …drive by and leave”.

Don’t even get me started on being super physical.

Lord help us, our perception of love is flawed!

We taste the whiskey in each other’s mouths,

And feel the deceit in each other’s breaths,

The truth is sudden death,

Till we get what we want,

It’s not love any more,

“Caveat emptor”, Let the buyer be warned.


Photoshop our scars and tears,

By the time we’re putting it on Instagram,

We’re so perfect, imperfection is in insincere.

Our cyber clones roam the internet,

Satisfying our every interest,

Sex, Fashion, Money, Fame…

Call it modern day hinder net.

Mr. Local celebrity,

#iPhone, #iPod, #iRock,

All that matters is what I have, #iTalk.

Slaves to technology,

These invisible chains are too hard to break #iStop!

Stop trying to fight these forces that are beyond my control

Hell!..Get used to it, the wind blows #iFlow


We’re living in a world where bartenders hear more confessions than catholic priests,

And life is more meaningful, if you’re seen in certain streets,

The flawless masks we wear are glued tight to our faces,

Our society, is like a pack of cards made up of nothing but straight aces,

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

“Well I really can’t tell, you all look the same”

“Stupid Ass Mirror! we can’t all look the same?”

“You’re all trying to be who you’re not, it’s the same thing…don’t blame the mirror, it’s your game”


A vicious game we’re playing at,

And if you think about it really, we’re masters of our own art,

But we’re painting over each other’s thoughts and feelings like animals with no hearts.

There’s so much space but there’s no room to breathe,

There’s so much fake, it could nearly kill.

And sadly…

Just not enough real.. to heal.


So I’ll be walking down the streets,

Trying to think of soulful beats in that blasted heat.

Staring at people and forming perceptions,

Coz I know that whether we like it or not,

Our fears, our hopes, our dreams,

Are manifestations of our imperfections.


Then I’ll catch a glimpse of the Street preacher,

And I’ll watch him as he prays,

With his hands in the air,

One eye closed as the other one watches who pays,

And I’ll hear him pray for the world to be a better place,

Then I’ll remember that scene in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Where Cassius says to Brutus,

“Men at some time are masters of their fates.

Sometimes the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

The fault is in us”

And I’ll walk away calmly trying not to cause a fuss,

But I’m dying inside to just stand and shout

“you know what guys, SOMETIMES ..SOMETIMES THE FAULT IS IN US” !

Living on the edge Tim Kemple
Living on the edge Tim Kemple

Time Travelling Reprise :

They told me that time is nothing but a state of mind……………..

And if life is but a matter of time…then everything under this sun either ages like fine wine or dies away slowly like the monarchy’s time.

I’ll show you that there’s nothing like speed or distance or time there’s only three things that really matter heart, soul and mind

And I’ll redefine space jam as I let you in on a little secret, there’s no party like a cosmic party, sweetheart you best believe it.

No strings attached quite literally, we’re floating through space and defying time a semblance of absolute freedom and God’s ingenuity.

See I’d be jamming in space, to the music in my ears, the music from my years and the music that they sear.

Their songs of defeat and contempt won’t faze me, I be listening to Kanye’s “Touch the sky” I’m so gravity free.

It doesn’t matter how many light years away I am, believe me, if I perceive I’m fast enough ,I’ll be back here in no time ,I’m light’s heir, I’ll come.

I could take you round the world if you want to but “Baby if this journey don’t start in your mind, don’t expect it to start with a sign” its impromptu

We could start off in Florence maybe visit the Florence Chapel and pray for journey mercies, then we’re off to Rome, sifting through the Vatican Archives trying to expose all those papal atrocities.

I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and have some haggis, if we’re on a quest to find the Loch Ness monster we best be done by March the 17th there’s nothing like Saint Patrick’s day with the Irish.

When we’re eating ital in the heart of Kingston town and we’re living through UB 40’s “Kingston town” I’ll be humming to Bob Marley’s “Stir it up” you should put two and two together and “Bring me your cup”

And if that’s not good enough a safari wouldn’t be disregarded but if we’re bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls in Zambia with my fear of heights …? ….are you kidding me?  that would just make me retarded.

I wouldn’t kiss you in France cause that would just be cliché, my love would triumph at the top of The Kilimanjaro now that would be touché.

I’d show you that no matter how cloudy or rainy or cold it gets, as long as you rise above the clouds you’ll find the sun gleefully sitting there playing its harmonica unaware of the conditions down below.

And together we’d realize that there’s nothing we know, nothing at all, because in this immense space of a universe there’ll always be something to show.

Now we’re travelling through time, we have our backs to each other, we’re facing alternate universes, the future and past at parallel there’s never been another.

You tell me the future is daunting, I tell you the past is haunting…

But we’ll  laugh our hearts out at the serendipity of this wretched life because its beauty is simply astonishing.