All about perspective

Sometimes it’s all about perspective,

Looking in the opposite direction,

Try to make sense of all this confusion,

It’s like finding desert in the rain,

Or finding pleasure in the pain.

I guess, at the end of the day,

It all comes down to what you gain.

Whether you’re eating a bit too much and gaining weight,

Or your patience is running dry,

And you need to gain “wait”.

Life has a funny way of making us all experience the same things.

From the highest echelons to the lowest pariah,

From the core foundations of hate and love,

To the very concept of desire.

We’re all programmed to react in the same way,

To cry when we’re sad,

To do this and that when we’re mad.

To harbor contempt and greed

To thirst for wants and constantly have needs.


But in as much as we are alike,

We are different in our own respects,

And that’s something that deserves tonnes of respect.

My opinions are mine.

And that each mind is a mine,

Filled with its own  assortment of jewels

Not a man on this earth thinks exactly like another,

But we beat each other down on the basis of opinions and beliefs,

The same same mind can be soo cruel.


It’s  all about perspective,

How you see things, is a decision not a directive.

To every man,

Was given a steady heart, an indecisive mind and a promising soul.

That he may make decisions and absorb emotions,

Like a pot of food to hot coal.

Even as he grows old,

With every last breathe in him,

And the humming of every dying hymn,

His truth he may always hold.


So maybe this whole time I’ve been looking at it wrong

Maybe, just maybe…

There’s a rainbow at the end of every pot of gold,

There’s a cloud in every silver lining,

There’s always a tunnel at the end of the light,

There’s a ray of light for every dark of night,

There’s a star behind every twinkle.

…Once again

It’s all about perspective

Making memories that last is actually very simple.

Eye of the drain , -Liamm on Reddit
Eye of the drain , -Liamm on Reddit

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