So you think you can write?

I never imagined I would one day enjoy writing as much as I do now, and if you were in my shoes, well you wouldn’t have imagined much either ….

For starters, there’s my primary school teacher who thought my compositions were unrealistic and found my spelling mistakes scary. (That’s actually the exact word she used “scary”).When others were writing about spending their holidays in Mombasa, I was writing about spending mine in the wilderness in Madagascar (which as far as I was concerned was somewhere in New York).

Then there’s my high school teacher who would just drown my stories in her expansive sea of endless negativity and since they couldn’t swim anyway, they died there, a slow painful death. Their languid bodies washed ashore on a deserted island, never to be found again.Then there was the first blog I ever had, the one that barely any one read…..the one whose URL even I can’t remember.

For the life of me, I wasn’t waking up to; inspirational quotes about writing, encouraging words from my teachers not even a team of muscular, handsome rugby players chanting “Write Chao! Write Chao!”…nothing of the sort.

Malcolm X once said that “our experiences fuse into our personality and everything we ever went through determines who we become”. How I ended up writing, I don’t exactly know. All I know for sure is that I can attribute all this “self-proclaimed-Shakespearean-prowess” to a series of events in my life that drove me to find solace in turning my thoughts into words. Basically anything that my mind conceives through words I perceive.

I write this post to thousands possibly even millions of people out there who don’t know me, who will never hear me or see me, but who through my sentiments and thoughts will be inspired or influenced by me. Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough room in the world for you to do whatever it is that you really want. It seems like we’re all trying to engrave our names on the trunk of a really tiny tree. But we forget that we could always plant our own trees and curve out our names there.

This is what writing does for me; it gives me the power to reach people beyond my scope of friends or family, people from all walks of life, people from all around the world. And quite simply I have the ability to reach an entire population that is beyond my physical grasp. Yes you can call me super woman. But I’m not fighting crime in your city or rescuing your cats from trees; I’m infiltrating your minds and trying to make you see that you only live once, do something that matters to you.

I’ll let you in on a little secret The most important thing in this life is to find and do something you love .Something that you can do effortlessly. Something that makes the sun shine over your head even when it’s raining over others.” You could be a vet with a love for fashion design or an economist who loves astronomy or a nurse who loves mechanics. Let the world call you crazy or ambitious, but if it makes you see light when there’s darkness all around, then hold on to it like a fig tree does to the ground.

Resources may not always be within your reach but hey, who says you can’t make a feast from whatever crumbs you have. For instance if I won a million dollars today, first thing I’d probably do is fly off to Italy and enrol in the University of Rome or University of Florence, to study History/ Art. And since I’d probably be in a position to fund the entire university, everyone will think I’m either a Saudi prince’s wife or a dictatorial African president’s daughter. (:)) Okay I kid, all I’m saying is that it doesn’t hurt to try and just keep trying till you find that satisfaction which will keep you afloat no matter how grey your days get.

Trust me I know how hard it can be to keep on doing something that has no immediate benefits or any justifiable reason, but if it gives you peace by all means go for it. So maybe my stories are unrealistic or my spelling mistakes scary, but it’s fine by me. And if you ask me “So you think you can write?” I’ll probably embrace my black woman aura snap my fingers and say “Of course I can write!!” like Maya Angelou to a poem, this always feels right.

Having a reason to live equals having a reason to give, they’ll always be someone who’ll be influenced or inspired by your work. Make something happen. And finally before this turns into one of those “Help yourself, Do it yourself” seminars where you’ve been sitting down for hours on end and the only thing you can remember the speaker saying is “there’s food and drinks at the back”… I hope you find the strength to start something you love or the courage to continue working on something you have.

Ciao 🙂


17 thoughts on “So you think you can write?

  1. Woow. That is a wonderful article. Cjaangalia kando till nimemaliza. I tell u wat, You are a really good writer. I concur with lewi, …the world needs to see this!!

  2. A good friend of mine told me to read this Coz he believes I can write….this is a good read and quite encouraging for those of us who take hours to figure out the beginning of an essay.
    Esther Ruth
    Washington DC.

    1. Thank you Ruth..just keep on writing, write whatever is in your soul/mind sometimes its always the best place to start..Wish you all the best 🙂

  3. what am i to say? Bebe you great, I echo the words of one of the greatest women in your life(“you are my great woman”). this, writing you do best, keep up. You have my fullest support dear. Am proud of you and imma keep working on that that i love much. Great inspiration.

  4. You referred me to this link…. I just read and…. sigh, need i say more? If the little thing we do can make us happy, why not do it? I feel inspired already chao… thanks big time. ahsante

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