Egg of Columbus

Ever had those moments when you’re facing a really difficult problem and you’ve been scratching your head so hard you could  pulverize your finger nails trying to solve it? And just as you’re about to conclude that the “question” is the one with the problem, someone comes along and takes a few minutes to figure it out and you’re left there blaming the education system you went through. Because obviously the problem isn’t you?

If so, then you can pretty much relate with the “Egg of Columbus”. The “Egg of Columbus” does not refer to some gourmet meal or some exotic type of egg found in South America (:-P), it merely refers to a brilliant idea or something that hasn’t been thought of, yet when done seems amazingly easy.

350px-Columbus_Breaking_the_Egg'_(Christopher_Columbus)_by_William_Hogarth (1)

The origin of the term can be traced back to the Italian writer and historian Girolamo Benzoni who in his book “History of a new world” (1565) wrote:

“Columbus was dining with many Spanish nobles when one of them said:

‘Sir Christopher, even if your Lordship had not discovered the Indies, there would have been, here in Spain which is a country abundant with great men knowledgeable in cosmography and literature, one who would have started a similar adventure with the same result.’

Columbus did not respond to these words but asked for a whole egg to be brought to him. He placed it on the table and said:

‘My lords, I will lay a wager with any of you that you are unable to make this egg stand on its end like I will do without any kind of help or aid.’

They all tried without success and when the egg returned to Columbus, he tapped it gently on the table breaking it slightly and, with this, the egg stood on its end.

All those present were confounded and understood what he meant: that once the feat has been done, anyone knows how to do it.  “

So my faithful Agorians, as you go about your business today, don’t let anyone make you feel like your accomplishments are too easy or meaningless, if they haven’t done it, they probably had no clue how to go about it. Remember our achievements define us, so always be proud of Your “Egg of Columbus”!


4 thoughts on “Egg of Columbus

  1. Atleast I learnt something new today. IRN or unrelated new, can I have titles of history books you read or links to any?

    1. Thanks ..I basically read a whole bunch of random stuff here and there then whenever I come across something historical, I go research on it. A bunch of stuff 🙂 may include historical novels /historical fiction Dan Brown and the likes ,Leo Tolstoy,journals, Old magazines and newspapers (Newsweek /Times) e.t.c Oh and movies and documentaries too

      I hope that summary will suffice ?

  2. It does… thank you. I was obsessed with Roman history at some point. I don’t know what happened. But my thirst for knowledge is back and that will help a whole lot.
    Also, keep writing.

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