Voi railway station : Save the railway

This series of photos taken at the Voi railway station is part of a photo essay that seeks to revive the railway and give it back that life and vigour that is slowly drifting away from it. Consequently showing the need and urgency to preserve, maintain and appreciate stations such as Voi which in this case serves as a representation of most stations within the country.




DSC08593 DSC08478 DSC08597 DSC08602 DSC08572 DSC08656 DSC08665 DSC08592 - Copy DSC08512 DSC08545 DSC08623 DSC08675

DSC08688 DSC08683DSC08712 DSC08747





Download a compiled document of some of the photos here 

In the mean time “the chucks” and I say good bye 🙂 , stay tuned for the next post on Mombasa railway station ..“Lets save the railway”!!!



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