Picture yourself…

Dear Reson,

I finally started writing that book I’ve been meaning to write for a long time. That book about the Kenya-Uganda railway, (the one that’s been sitting on the library shelf since you can remember but you’ve never bothered to open…Yeah that one. 🙂

Now, there are two things I like to think God blessed me with in abundance, dreams and an imagination in fact I’m quite certain he did. If you take after me (which I hope you will) then you’ll always know in your heart and soul that this world is too small to contain you, that with all its limitations, its barriers and its conditions it can never be strong enough to stifle your dreams and curb your imagination.

Today’s letter is about risks and doubts. You’d be surprised how little it takes to break the human spirit. A thought, a word, a comment really anything can do it. You just have to be strong enough I guess. Even Rome was built from ruins.

I’m starting journeys of my own and by all means I’m clueless. I don’t know which way to turn and sometimes I wonder what If the bridges I need are the bridges I actually burn. Just like Bilbo Baggins I’ll embark on an adventure with a heart half willing. But I’ll get there and realize I probably had it in me since the beginning.


Picture yourself standing at the edge of a cliff,

The wind is in your hair, your thoughts are everywhere,

Your feeling cold but the sun is shining,

You’re feeling bold but the dread is piling.

You really want to jump,

The ground below is not at all dreary…

…As a matter of fact, it’s most inviting.

You want to jump but your feet are numb,

You calm yourself and tell the voices in your head to shut up,

You make amends with your thoughts,

Take a moment and summon the force.

You break through that “Are you really sure you can” force field,

And summon those “Don’t be silly of course you can” forces,

You’re left foot is fixated on the cold ground, you right foot is one step in the air.

You know your right wouldn’t want to leave left behind,

So you put it back on the ground and try to calm left down.

“I’m not going to let you down” I’ll be “right behind”…

You jump off and begin your descent to the far-off ground,

For a split second you ask yourself “what on earth have I done?”

Then you remember, you’re not in control that’s gravity’s task

“Let your will be done”.

So my dear Reson I’m writing this letter to you, I know someday you’ll read it,

As for now I’m taking risks of my own, even I can’t believe it

When you need to jump off cliffs of your own,

Jump! It’s a chance you only take once.

If you’re looking for answers to questions you don’t understand,

Look up to the sky, the heavens have them all, there’s always some sort of plan

The promise of hope and feeling of reassurance are all sitting there,

…Feel it…

Trust me, through rain or shine, doubt has never been more scenic”

With love,

Yours in mortality and immortality alike




3 thoughts on “Picture yourself…

  1. am not Reson, but i for sure will start jumping off my cliffs. crossing fingers that the ground will be solid and accomodating.
    Great piece Bebe.

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