Friday night razzmatazz

Hello my faithful Agorians (yes I just coined this term).Its a Friday night , I’m curled up in my room watching Da Vinci’s demons  and Ive decided to  feed my darling blog with this short post while I still have the peace of mind and a semblance of tranquillity still exists in the air.

Ive seen enough  of campus life to know that  Friday nights officially begin any time now and by the time I’ve finished writing this post  speakers will be blaring ,left,  right and center, all of them playing the same riddim mix .

And Ill go stand smack in the middle of the hostels and shout ::::

 "For crying out loud every Friday its the same thing.. the same thing!!.. If your all playing one thing ,why don't you just let  one person play it or just get some new music Gad-damn!! " 

And Ill storm off  in such a huff and puff  even the Hulk would wet the only pair of pants he has.

But of course!! I’ll only do this inside my head., in reality Ill still be sited on my bed counting daisies and knitting my sorry self a woollen shoal wishing I had the guts to.

Back to the main agenda for today  as I said Ive been watching Da Vinci’s Demons and I just took an exhilarating trip on that one way Nostalgia train.It took me back to those days when I used to have an obsession with Italian art,history ,culture .I still do but with present day circumstances school and all, I don’t have the same resources and/or time at my disposal.As a result I don’t read  and research as much as I used  to ..but maybe someday Ill get my groove back.

Oh you wretched of beings ..Life   you strip us off  the very things we love and just leave us there to rot in uncertainty and dissatisfaction .   🙂

Anyway here are some quotes and excerpts from different books I read way back then : >> Da Vinci’s Demons. I figured Ill get blogging for a bit then get back to watching before I get caught up in this Friday night reverie.

Have a good one guys ,,,Ciao,


DSC03057 DSC03182


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