Speech in tongues:

Dearest Reson ,

I know that at some point in your life you’d be reading these letters and wondering “Where  on earth did she get all this time to sit down and write letters to a daughter who wasn’t even born ,didn’t she have things to do ,places to go, people to see?”. I’ll have you know I had a social life and it was really interesting and really fun and I was really cool and awesome and I was so popular and all. Haha okay who am I kidding it’s probably none of the above. But think about it; how many of your fiends have mothers who wrote them letters even before they were born? That’s right ”None” \o/ There you have it, you can thank me later.

Even as I write these letters to you, the main lesson you should learn is not that you’re mother was thinking of having children when she was still in school, no. Just wanted to make that clear so that you don’t pull that “Mum I’m pregnant card “ and use these letters as an excuse against me >> “but Mum you were thinking of me when you’re in school the only difference between you and I, is I actually did it”. Don’t even dare. I guess the reason why I write them is simply because I want  to relate different points in your life and my life .Some part of me believes that there is nothing entirely new under the sun and someday in these letters you may  find the wisdom  and courage to deal with whatever obstacles life may throw your way. I’m in the business of immortalizing thoughts and memories, this is my forte.

The day is Sunday the 26th of May 2013, strange day this one. I woke up in a really bad mood .Okay not bad as per say let’s say sadish, nostalgic, melancholic…Basically just a combination of all the above. I’m not going to tell you exactly what prompted this forlorn state I found myself in, but I will tell you that things we ‘rent going to well at this point in time. I grudgingly dragged myself out of bed, had breakfast, took a shower then decided to go to church.I should probably mention that I hadn’t been to church in a long time, reasons why? , let’s just save that for another day .

The sermon was interesting the lady preaching was incredible, the weather was lovely.I mean this was like the perfect Sunday-service cocktail. As she spoke it felt like she was reading my mind. She spoke about purpose and pressing on, believing in you and believing in God to fulfil his promises to you. If a week from now I remember nearly nothing about this sermon the one thing I will always recall is this “In as much as we are blessed, we should also be a blessing to others”. Now usually I’m not the kind of person who goes around waxing religious topics but this one I had to write about.

She ended her beautiful, succinct sermon, then she begun praying .In the middle of her prayer I heard her call out to a young lady, sitting in the crowd. My eyes were shut; my mind was far far away so I didn’t bother to look at whoever she was calling upon. That’s when the guy sited next to me tapped me and said “she’s calling you”.

What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just then my heart did what felt like a thousand cart wheels, my tongue tied itself into  a thousand and one knots and my stomach churned like the old wind mill in Shrek.

”Ok Chao be calm, there’s no need to panic, don’t you dare trip or fall off your chair..”

“You have done nothing wrong, or wait…..”

“This has nothing to do with the fact that you’re the only female in jeans, no I don’t think so”

”…Or maybe it’s those Bob Marley looking dreadlocks on your head errrrr no that’s not it”

“… Okay maybe it’s the fact that you stole a couple of glances at that cute guy in the congregation…Come on they were like  micro-seconds long, nobody saw that”

“Never mind what you did, you’re doing great, just continue going you’re almost there, you haven’t tripped, you knees aren’t wobbling, oh I’m so proud of you ….”

Finally, an eternity later I get to the front, she says hi to me puts her hand on my stomach and begins speaking in tongues she prays and prays and prays .Then she asks me if I can speak in tongues so I say no and she says something like don’t be afraid and puts the microphone so close to my mouth I could almost swallow it. I froze, I just stared at her with such a blank look you could probably paint an entire portrait of the New York sky line on it .I didn’t say a thing; I probably didn’t even breath as far as I’m concerned. So she just looked at me, smiled and said “Have faith, God wants to give you a new start” .And just like that I went back to my seat. After the service I went back to my room, half mesmerized half bewildered, I had lunch, watched a movie and fell asleep.

Two hours later I woke up and decided to write this letter to you. See, I learnt something today, God has a reason for everything you go through.That It must be for for a cause that our lives have so many doors.If you believe it then you’ll know that he never gives you anything he knows you cant handle. When it gets to that point in your life when you feel that you are alone, and no one really understands what it is that really makes you tick or what it is that makes you weak.When it seems like you’re the only person who understands you and there’s only one of you so that pretty much reduces the number of people you can talk to, to null. Always trust that every experience in your life is an ingredient that determines the kind of person you are and the kind of person you become.The good and the bad alike.

I had a roughly strange morning it seemed like all I needed was a sign; someone or just something to tell   me “hold on, you’ve come too far to give up now”. This is yours.

Yours in mortality and immortality alike,

T.C Li Wei


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