Documentaries in her head

It gets to that  point in the night where I cant write a single line of code,I cant read a single line of text ,my brain basically just hands me the “we’re closed sign”.How do I know Ive gotten to this point ?  I start making really many typos (now you know) and  I start having random thoughts and ideas about literally anything .Like today’s for instance.I thought about making documentaries in the future.Thats basically it I just found out I would love to make documentaries. Ive recently been watching a lot of them actually,the most recent ones being the BBC “Hiroshima Bomb” one and also BBC’s “Napoleons road to Moscow” .They’re very well done ,the screenplay ,narration ,timeline of events I mean the last time I was this engrossed on a particular subject Dumbledore had just told Harry Potter he was going to die .I have it all planned out in my head by the way ,im one of those people who puts salt in their food before tasting  it (metaphorically and literally ).My documentaries would tell African stories ,stories of African people ,African leaders ,African culture ,African history by Africa.See the worst part about our current state as a continent is that most of our documented history only begins as far as the white man can remember which is sad because there was a people,a culture,a haven even before colonisation.There was a civilisation before and someone needs to tell their stories someone needs to keep them alive .In the same way someone needs to tell our stories ,someone needs to keep us alive.See just like books ,just like photographs,just like music, documentaries are also a way to immortalise any instance of time so that people who never existed at such and such a period, can time travel back and forth through endless spheres of  culture,perception and lifestyle.Back and forth from one era to another.Like bouncing on a trampoline and every time you jump you enter a new realm of space and distant time.Okay Ill stop with the Steven Spielberg-ness. I have no idea where to start but no stress these things come slowly you never know.Plus now  I can write , that’s exactly what I’ll do, use the resources at hand .I have my brain and the WordPress guys to thank for this representation of  sublime thoughts.Thanks guys \o/. Aaaanndd My brain just gave me that “I told you we’re closed  don’t make me call the cops” look,.I….. cant …….write….. no ……more .

So long world,till we meet again.


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