The end where I begin

“Why they say never say never, when they know that ain’t right?
Cause to never say never you done said never twice
Why do I need I.D. to get I.D.?
If I had I.D. I wouldn’t need I.D….”  Common – The Questions

For the life of me I cannot remember what made me think that I was wise and unable to compromise.Trying to find meaning in actions,in thoughts,in words,in people, in life. A futile effort,an embarrassing attempt and a nonsensical pursuit in a bid to satisfy a self-consuming need to understand .You see the world is round (as  you well know) so is everything else in it ,this could only mean one thing your beginning and your end is the same. That’s why  people say things like “We’re running round in circles” or “What goes around comes around”.Thats why individuals have social circles because every circle starts with you and ends  with you.Every question begets another question and every answer can be supported by another answer.

Its 3 in the morning ,I have a splitting headache from here to Alaska (no offence) and Im still trying to put the pieces of my scattered thoughts together.Struggling to grasp the fact that nothing is within my control no matter how much strength or will-power I master, Im still unable to alter the course of events.Just a tiny speck in a universe so large, larger than my imagination and trust me my imagination is huge.So where does this leave me,me and my questions,my doubts,my dreams,my fears? I guess it boils down to one thing ,hope.Circumstances are beyond your control,People are beyond your control,I mean even the weather is beyond your control so “Sweetheart” I tell myself “you’re not going to win this fight”.Now Im back to the very place I started its just me and my darling  hope and I hold on to it so tight because my life actually depends on it. And yes it does get tiring cause all you can do is just that ,hope you end up at the right place,hope you meet the right person,hope you do the right thing,hope you get what you hope for .But here’s something you should know hope begets faith,faith begets strength,strength begets drive and drive equals life.

From ashes you have come, to ashes you shall return, I just hope I get at least one thing write before my beginning meets my end.

Goodnight world.



  • The Script – The end where I begin
  • Common – The Questions

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