Ship wrecked

Christopher Columbus-Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella (King and Queen of Spain)

“33 days after my departure,I reached the Indian sea,where I discovered many islands with many people .I took possession of them without resistance in the name of our most illustrious King.As soon as we arrived ,at that Island named Juana. I sailed along its coast a short distance westward and found it to be so large that I though it was a province of Cathay.

I then sailed eastward along the coast.This brought me to the end of the island.From this point I saw another island lying to the east.On this island we found mountains of great size and beauty,vast plains and fruitful fields.The land is also suited for farming ,pastures and settling.

Now my Lord treasurer,I have described to you the events of my voyage and the advantages of these new lands.I promise that with a little assistance from our King and Queen ,I will get as much gold ,as they need and as great quantity of spices ,of cotton ,of gum.I can also provide as many men for the service of their majesties’ navy as they may require”

Columbus made four voyages in all across the Atlantic but they ended in disappointment,for he failed to find the silks, jewels and spices of the Indies.He died in poverty and neglect,never realising that he had discovered the new world.But despite using subjective assumptions,a false hypothesis and a route abandoned by modern navigation,Columbus nevertheless discovered America.

Ship wrecked


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