People Ruled Over Others

Lyrics Used :

“Ranging from  colonial times where people respected skin color more than they did  themselves to present days where people put stature before character and mind over matter this is why people ruled over others and continue to do so…

Redemption Song.. Image courtesy of Bob Marley Page Facebook

People ruled over others not because they were big and strong but because they had  guns .The guns were magic and their purpose was tragic but they had never been seen so the guns stunned the people even as they lay their silent in the arms of a foreign man. Although the oppressed towered over their oppressors such that they cast shadows on their languid bodies,the guns seemed louder than the people ever could be and so the guns spoke on their masters behalf and the people understood this language.They understood this language of violence and dictatorial directives.They understood this language that seemed better and stronger than the sum of their individual will and ambitions.They understood this language of actions and not words.They understood this language that preached superiority to one party and domination to another.They understood that they had no guns therefore they had no say.They understood that despite the culture and traditional values that they so desperately tried to uphold,that which came with the gun was better just like the gun itself.

People ruled over others not because they were worthy to rule over them but because they were “worthy” to own them.They were wealthy enough to buy the land upon which they lived and wealthy enough to harvest the grain that their sweat had planted.With their big cars,their big houses and most importantly their big stomachs,people felt inferior to these men of big things.Men who promised and promised and promised and who ate what they promised only with their family and friends but never with the people whom they had promised.

People ruled over others not because their character and their ways were the ways of God but because they themselves claimed they were from God .With their humongous bibles and fire at the tip of their tongues they cast away demons,they healed those who were ‘sick’ and collected money from the poor.They proclaimed that this money was not theirs but belonged to God (because God’s services were not free and the people had to pay through their nose for this so called redemption that they terribly needed).These ‘holy’ men of whom  it was said that they died not but were taken up to heaven in golden chariots,these men who wore golden robes that ‘symbolised the glory of the kingdom of God’,these men who claimed to have a direct line to The Father…these men who sanctimoniously ordained themselves rulers of both physical and spiritual worlds.At times the people argued amongst themselves but they never argued with these men of God whose injustices were justifiable, these men who when angered spoke in tongues and when given the chance spoke nonsense in tonnes.

People ruled over others not because they were wise but because they were educated,they claimed that they had gone to school so they had been taught and now they knew what others had no clue about.They knew it all , so with their degrees in their briefcases and their briefcases in hand they strutted the corridors and paraded the streets.Speaking of an ignorance from which they had come and an ignorance to which they would never return.The people listened to them and the ‘colossal’ words they used , and although they did not know what they meant they knew that what they had in their heads was peanuts and these educated men were gods of the understanding realm.They felt that they should never disagree with men so endowed with knowledge so they let them rule,they let them ask questions,they let them answer the questions they asked and they entrusted them with the power to make decisions on their behalf. After all they were brighter than they and all they longed for was a brighter day.

Still,People rule over others,not because they deserve to but because they posses superior qualities;a strange machine, a family name, a  form of currency ,a speck of diamond or in the least a supposed aura and an imagined halo..but others change and when others change the “People who rule over others” follow through.

“You see men sailing on their ego trip,
Blast off on their spaceship,
Million miles from reality:
No care for you, no care for me…'”

…… and the story goes..”eventually  People will rule over others not because they earn enough to but because they have earned the right to..” .Until then our hands were made strong by the hands of the almighty so we forward in this generation  triumphantly.

Image courtesy Bob Marley Page Facebook


“So you think you’ve found the solution,
But it’s just another illusion!
So before you check out this tide,
Don’t leave another cornerstone
Standing there behind,..”

*Part of my inspiration for this post was the story “The Headstrong Historian” by Chimamanda Ngozi  Adichie taken from the book The Thing Around Your Neck.


“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery for none but ourselves can free our minds have no fear for atomic energy coz none of them can stop the time..”  *Redemption Song*


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