Of Yin and Of Yang


To make peace and fight wars

To take courage in fear and slight flaws

To find pride in humility and uncover riches in poverty


To forget that I’m human

To acknowledge that I am weak and vulnerable

To feel the need to compromise,

To listen to insecurities and succumb to stereotypes

To fake laughter and refrain tears

To forfeit present days for the sake of future years


To make a difference whether by might or by sight

To humble myself in darkness or in light

To dance with every bone in my body

To sing from the heart and reason with the mind

To mingle with the dumb and dance with the blind


To understand that I’m not perfect and neither are those around me

To set goals and objectives that I feel are beyond me

To dream with my eyes wide open and speak from a heart that’s less opened

To feel raw pain and wholesome healing

To create laughter and in so doing create mater


To read history and make history

To write my story and be his story

To compose personal symphonies and share them…

To take spirituals journeys and tell them…





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