Moral Decadence or Moral Opulence????

The court awaited as the foreman got the verdict from the bailiff
Emotional outbursts tears and smeared makeup
He stated, he was guilty on all charges
She’s shaking like she took it the hardest
A spin artist, she brought her face up laughing
That’s when the prosecutor realized what happened
All that speaking her mind testifying and crying
When this b**ch did the crime…

Common -Testify


  • Common -testify
  • Panic at the disco -New Perspective

So I’m sitting in my room busy working on my computer when someone(a friend) invites me to go for a prayer meeting and I say “no ummmmm not today”.The reaction to my statement is clearly taken in shock and I could tell  my newly found friend has clearly been caught off guard by my response.and the conversation ensues….

why aren’t you coming” ,

“Im a bit busy”,

“You do know your laptop will always be there lets just go???” 

((  and at once I’m put in an awkward position so I say))

“ummm no lemme just finish my work see you later “

((  #End of conversation))

By virtue of being born into a society where morals have been predefined I’m forced to know what’s right and what’s wrong depending on the standards that the people before me  have set. Hence it automatically follows that my fellow human beings have been vested with the power to punish me or award me depending on my actions, assuming that I am well aware of the existing moral code.

My self-proclaimed “genius” philosophy  recently drove me to the conclusion that the problems we face today are largely brought about by two reasons either there is a lack of morals or an over abundance of the same.However at this point Im just not sure which is which as both evidently seem to be sufficient enough.

Is a law that contradicts religion right? or is a religion that contradicts the law permissible?Is freedom truly freedom when what you say and what you do is determined by superior authorities?,Is it not ironic for a human to pass judgement on another yet human is to err?

Quis custodes ipsos custodes(Who will guard the guards??),Who will judge the judge?,Who will lead the leader?,Who will right the wrong?,and Who will right the “self proclaimed right”?

Moral much???

I do not dispute the role played by morality in the society  today .It is by far more pivotal and vital than we can ever imagine but in a case where it is at both or either extremes it does not serve its purpose.You can either have a people who are too quick to judge or too ignorant to care.

  “If Jews are weak and morality a fantasy they invented to survive ,there’s no reason NOT to exterminate them”.Friedrich Nietzsche

In whatever context Nietzsche quoted this he definitely viewed morality in a way that differed from what most people perceive morality to be.Whether his view is worth supporting or not, having an opened mind wouldn’t be such a bad idea at the end of the day.

Taking everything for granted but we still respect the time
We move along with some new passion knowing everything is fine
And I would wait and watch the hours fall in a hundred separate lines
But I regain repose and wonder how I ended up inside

Stop there and let me correct it
I wanna live a life from a new perspective
You come along because I love your face
And I’ll admire your expensive taste
And who cares divine intervention
I wanna be praised from a new perspective

Panic at the disco -New perspective

The good,the ugly and the bad 🙂



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